Many parents and students alike share the belief that there are “tricks” to standardized test taking and they search for those programs that specialize in helping students who are challenged by multiple-choice tests. These companies that market to increase scores are excellent resources for helping students to alleviate pre-test jitters. In many cases, these programs may be the perfect fit.

For great readers, taking practice tests reduces anxiety. These programs help to make students comfortable with the test-taking process, providing students with multiple trial tests under standardized test-taking conditions. But for a non-efficient reader, these programs may be a recipe for low self-esteem, and will likely not result in the desired top scores.

Why Are Tests so Tricky?

Most people feel that tests are tricky, but the most important trick to testing is plain and simple: reading well with a repertoire of testing strategies. Reading well is not a trick, and it may not come naturally. But if you find tests tricky, you may be missing the essential reading skills that give strong take-takers confidence every time.

Strong readers are naturally strong test-takers. Having excellent comprehension is your no-fail insurance policy for acing any test! Students who possess excellent comprehension skills can get the big picture and its details. This enables readers to attain the best test scores.

Here are a few tricks that can enable the strong reader to become an amazing test taker. These are two of our many strategies that help to provide the proficient reader that top standardized test score. But there are many more!

Strategy 1: How to Answer the Question to Get the Correct Answer

When an excellent reader attempts to answer a question, she knows the correct answer. And keep this in mind— there is only one correct answer, not a best answer, which would be subjective.

While answering multiple-choice questions, read each question and answer it before looking at the answer choices. Strong readers comprehend and remember what they read with pictures in their minds. Match your picture to the answer’s picture. Words can be different, but the picture/concept is the same. Proficient readers know the answer and will be assured a correct response.

Strategy 2: What if I’m Between Two Answers?

That’s easy! There is one “bad” word in one of the answers. That means that one answer is not 100% accurate. Find the inaccuracy and choose the alternate answer.

If you are a proficient reader, these sure-fire tricks are a step in the right direction to help you ace any test. There are many more techniques to get a perfect score. For more information, contact