I recently viewed an old interview from around 7 years ago, and I chuckled because it referred to one student who increased his ACT score from 16 to a 33. One of my RTS Success® sayings originates from my parents, who stressed that “practice makes perfect!”  I have passed their adage onto my own children, but also onto my students.

So, reflecting upon this video, that ACT score of 16 elevating 33 has been the norm for over the past five years. My consistent learning and practice has resulted higher and higher student ACT scores, many attaining perfect 36s. My practice has paid off.  7s in reading have reached 35s.  Many, many 20s have attained perfect scores.

There is no fast and easy way to become a reading genius with top scores. But there is a method that guarantees overall academic success. This involves a partnership between an RTS Success® Certified Coach and the student, who is willing to put in the daily work in for a lifetime of academic success.

After I finish with my current students, I will be staring a new journey. My focus will be on training more certified coaches to spread this special gift to more students. But my feeling about my new role is bittersweet; I am stepping out of my old, comfortable shoes— my comfort zone, into a new position that is not very settling. But I am hoping to be a role model for my students, who have spent their formative years learning one way, and metamorphosing into the RTS way.

So, to my students, both old and current: I now reside in your shoes. They are not comfortable. In fact, sometimes I am frustrated; my learning seems stagnant and I struggle too.  But I am trying to acclimate into this new position for the better of all.  And I am hoping to make you all proud of me, much like I am so proud of you!