Our Program – RTS Success®

The Four Components
for Overall Academic Success

"RTS Success® is the best insurance policy for a lifetime of academic success."

-Cindy Ludwig, owner and managing director

RTS Comprehension Success

Comprehend the first time.

Students comprehend and remember anything that they read—the first time. No more rereading, with less work and more play!

Strong reader = Strong Test Taker

Strong reading is the ultimate arsenal for the highest test scores.

Start Enjoying Reading

When reading is easy, it is enjoyable. RTS Success makes reading a pleasure!

RTS Vocabulary Success

Learn words once

Students learn words once and retain them for a lifetime!

No memorizing

No more studying, re-studying, using flash cards, and forgetting words.

Strong vocabulary makes reading easy

Gain rich vocabularies that help with writing, test-taking and lifelong skills. Studies have shown that a strong vocabulary is an indicator of student success.

RTS Note-taking Success

Eliminate Studying

Students learn to take the right kind of notes that eliminate studying for tests.

The All-in-One-Tool

Learn to produce one note-taking document that combines book notes, class lecture, and all supplementary materials.

No More Re-Studying

Start retaining your knowledge for the long term, which means no more studying for midterms or finals! Students start reviewing, knowing at least 90% of the information.

RTS Test Taking Success

Testing is easy!

Learn the RTS Success proven techniques to get top scores. If you follow the steps, you are guaranteed your desired score.

Be proud of your performance!

RTS students always know their performance before the test is returned.

Testing becomes fun...

Because you know all the answers! You know the material and are fully prepared!

RTS Success® students are preparing for:
high school rigor, ACT, SAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, USMLE,
and all professional testing.