Lesson 10A: Multiple Paragraphs and Connecting 1

Lesson 10A: Multiple Paragraphs and Connecting 1
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Lesson 10A: Multiple Paragraphs and Connecting 1 Quiz
Question #1: The large man dressed in a white apron hovered over the grill. The barbecue smelled heavenly. Wood smoke swirled around the man’s head as he carefully leaned inward to turn the meat with a long fork. Then, using a stick with a rag tied to the end, he basted the meat, swishing the rag back and forth with barbecue sauce. When the sauce slightly browned, the man flipped the two large, flat, long slabs off the grill and yelled, “Dinner is ready!”

Which summaries are correct?
Question #2: The horses slowly trailed single file down into the Grand Canyon. Far below, the mighty Colorado River looked like a thin brown ribbon. The very steep trail was extremely narrow. The riders held tightly onto their saddles and reins as they looked straight ahead, trailing downward into the canyon.

Of the following summaries, A and F are correct.
A: The horse train went down the dangerous Grand Canyon.
B: The horse train went down the Grand Canyon.
C: The riders were scared.
D. The Grand Canyon trail scared the riders.
E: The dangerous Grand Canyon scared the riders.
F: Riding down the Grand Canyon Trail scared the riders
G: The Riders trailed down the dangerous Grand Canyon Trail
H: The riders trailed down the scary Grand Canyon Trail.

Question #3: The lowest terrain in America is in Death Valley. One spot in the valley is 282 feet below sea level. This makes the area the hottest area in the United States. The temperature once hit 134 degrees Fahrenheit. Death Valley was given its name based on what happened during the California Gold rush. While crossing the valley to get to the gold fields, 13 people perished and never made it out due to thirst and heat.

Which summaries are correct?
Question #4: Tourists on a safari hired two African trackers to find animals for them. They stayed in the air-conditioned lodge as the trackers performed their work. They closely examined the ground, finding a bent weed and scuffed place in the dirt. Then they looked at each other, shook their heads, and headed off into the dense trees. When they found their specimens, they headed back to the guests, who then followed the trackers back into the forest. Lots of smiles came upon the guests’ faces and cameras snapped at this this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Which summaries are correct?
Question #5: The event started when the wide wooden gate opened. A mammoth bull plunged out with the cowboy barely hanging on. After a huge leap into the air, the cowboy lost his grip and tumbled off of the bull, rolling onto the ground. Just then, the bull turned around and darted after the cowboy, who got up quickly to avoid being trampled upon. Just then, a colorful clown with baggy clothes ran into the ring and began to tease the bull. The startled bull changed his course and chased the clown. This allowed the cowboy time to gather his bearings and jump over the fence to safety.

Summary: The cowboy got to safety.
True or False?
Question #6: Bamboo is a tropical tree-like grass that keeps on growing! The grass can grow up to one foot per day. This grass is hollow and woody, which makes it an excellent resource for lots of things. For instance, young, soft bamboo can be eaten and is in many Asian dishes, like chop suey. The hard bamboo is used for building bridges, floors, and furniture.

Which summaries are correct?
Question #7: The miniature poodle was racing back and forth on the edge of the couch near the large front picture window. The dog was barking crazily for over an hour and nearly lost its voice. Outside the window, sitting pretty on the lawn was the grinning cat, who regularly took this position, watching the nervous dog go crazy. Suddenly, Sparky’s owner lifted him and placed him outside. He spotted the cat, licked his lips, and dashed after it. Seconds later, the cat scooted happily up the tree. The cat peered down and snickered at the dog who was balancing with his two back legs and his front paws against the tree trunk, barking incessantly.

Which summaries are correct?
Question #8: The masked burglar crept through the open window, stepped into the dark bedroom, and tiptoed across the room toward the picture. He did not notice the red flashing light on the wall because he was focusing on the painting ahead. He lifted the painting from the wall and found the unlocked safe. He quickly opened the safe and slipped the jewelry into his large sack. Then he walked back to the window and slipped back outside. Outside waiting for him were two armed police officers.

Which summaries are correct?
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