Lesson 4: Umbrella Verification Paragraph Level

Lesson 4: Umbrella Verification Paragraph Level
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Umbrella Verification Paragraph Level Quiz
Question #1: The Umbrella Paragraph method is the same as the sentence-level umbrella method.
Question #2: The word “as” is used to verify in the Paragraph Umbrella method.
Question #3: When using the Umbrella Method, any transition word can be used to verify. You do not have to use the seven RTS Success™ transition words.
Question #4: The procedure of using the Umbrella is to use a transition before each sentence and then state the summary.
Question #5: If the sentence connects into the summary, the entire summary is verified.
Question #6: If all but one sentence fits perfectly, and the one sentence somewhat fits, the summary is correct.
Question #7: If one sentence translation does not fit, go back to only that translation to make sure that it is correct.
Question #8: The Umbrella method is always used with the Red Word method.
Question #9: Once you become a strong reader, you only need verify the Red Word and Umbrella methods for summarizations.
Question #10: Strong readers who have not taken the RTS Success™ program do not have to umbrella because they are already strong readers.