Lesson 1: Linking Nouns

Lesson 1: Linking Nouns
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Linking Nouns Quiz
Question #1: Only nouns can be used for linking nouns.
Question #2: Any symbol can be used for linking nouns.
Question #3: The first word of a linking noun sentence is always a noun. The first word cannot be an adjective.
Question #4: When translating using linking nouns, the sentence cannot have any more than 3 words, but can have unlimited symbols.
Question #5: Linking nouns are used so that we can memorize the words. It is also used to help remember the translations.
Question #6: Linking nouns slows the reader down to see.
Question #7: Linking nouns will eventually be eliminated when summarizing.
Question #8: To link nouns, the reader translates the first sentence, and then figures out a way to link the next sentence, using one of the nouns (or part of a noun) from the previous sentence.
Question #9: Linking Nouns verifies paragraph accuracy.
Question #10: If nouns link correctly and the reader reviews the translations prior to summarizing, the summary should fall into the reader’s lap and Linking Nouns will make summarizing easy!