Lesson 6B: Problem Solving – Sentence Level

Lesson 6B: Problem Solving – Sentence Level
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Lesson 6B Quiz: Problem Solving – Sentence Level
Question #1: Wyatt always wears a helmet when he rides his bike and his friend calls him a sissy.

Translation: Wyatt is called a sissy.
Question #2: This morning there were puddles on the playground; this afternoon, there were puddles everywhere.

Translation: It rained all day.
Question #3: The letter that Christy sent to her cousin was returned, but it had the correct postage.

Translation: The letter had an incorrect address.
Question #4: When I arrived, I came to find that there were not any empty grocery carts either inside or outside the grocery store.

Translation: The carts were missing.
Question #5: Traffic was backed up for miles.

Translation: Traffic was barely moving.
Question #6: Mary woke up a half hour late.

Translation: Mary is late.
Hint: “Red is red.”
Question #7: There was no mail today.

Translation: Today's mailboxes were empty.
Question #8: Neal was driving in the desert and saw a detour sign in the road.

Translation: The sign directed Neal to an alternate route.
Question #9: Mallory got an acting part in the school play.

Translation: Mallory will be in the play.
Question #10: The doctor took Nate’s cast off and told him to use crutches for one more week.

Translation: Nate still needs crutches.
Question #11: Andy bought some jeans on sale; when he got home, he realized that the salesclerk charged him the full price for the jeans instead of the sale price.

Translation: Andy was ripped off.
Question #12: Dana wants to cut out a picture, so she looks in her mom’s desk, finds a pair of very sharp scissors, and runs to her room with the scissors in her hands.

Translation: Running with scissors is endangering Dana.
Question #13: Eric does not like playing the piano and wants to quit, but his mom makes him take lessons.

Translation: Eric and his mother disagree.
Question #14: Joann likes listening to music while she does her homework, but her dad thinks it is too distracting and loud and tells her to turn it off.

Translation: Joann and her dad disagree.
Question #15: Zach was not wearing his wrist guards like he promised his parents he would do; he fell off his skateboard and sprained his wrist.

Translation: Breaking a promise caused the sprained wrist.
Question #16: Salam is barefoot and accidentally dropped a glass in the kitchen that shattered into tiny pieces.

Translation: Salam is surrounded by glass.
Question #17: Shira’s mom said that the next time she forgot to make her bed, she would be grounded for a week; she sat on the bus going home, remembering that she forgot.

Translation: Shira will be inevitably grounded.
Hint: Look up the word “inevitable” and place it on your vocabulary list if you do not know the word well enough to explain to a five-year-old.
Question #18: Your dad told you not to use the computer while he was gone, but while he was at work, you used the computer and it is not working correctly.

Translation: You will have consequences.
Question #19: Today is Christine’s class field trip to the amusement park that she had been looking forward to all year; but when she woke up, she had a terrible headache, fever, her nose kept running, and she could not get out of bed.

Translation: Christine is disappointed.
Question #20: Terrence’s family is driving to visit relatives; they get lost on a country road and run out of gas; everyone has cell phones that are out of battery power.

Translation: The family is stranded.
Question #21: Mike wanted to ask his mom if he could have a friend over to spend the night this weekend, but when she just got home from work, Mike saw that she was in a bad mood.

Translation: Mike is disappointed.
Question #22: A friend invited Amy to go camping with her family; she wanted to go, but was afraid that she might be scared sleeping in a tent in the woods all night.

Translation: Amy is scared.
Question #23: Ben is getting ready to go to his best friend’s wedding but he forgot to have his only dressy clothes cleaned, which are not dirty, but not fresh; he needs to leave within five minutes to be on-time for the wedding, and there is no way that he will be late for his friend.

Translation: Ben cannot attend the wedding.
Question #24: Someone in Cal’s class is saying mean things about him that are not true; and he used to be Cal’s close friend, so he did not know why he was being so malicious.

Translation: Cal is confused.
Question #25: One of Keri’s friends asked her to go to the movies with her family and Keri said yes; but when Keri asked her dad’s permission, he said no, and she did not want to look like a liar to her friend.

Translation: Keri is in a pickle.
Question #26: Rhonda went to the library, the drugstore, and then ran a few more errands, opening those doors without a problem; but she could not open the door to her house.

Translation: Rhonda’s house was locked.
Question #27: Abby was a guest at Deena’s home, and at dinner, everyone passed around the food; Abby helped herself to chicken and carrots and salad, but she did not take any mashed potatoes.

Translation: Abby does not like potatoes.
Question #28: Jim woke up for work, rubbed his eyes, looked at the clock and thought, “That can’t be right! I know it’s not 11:00 in the morning!”

Translation: Jim is confused.
Question #29: Mrs. Lee loaded her groceries into her trunk and took the cart to the storage area; approaching her car, she put her hands up to her face and cried, “Oh, no!”

Translation: Mrs. Lee is upset.
Question #30: Tina got a call from her boyfriend right after dinner and spent over two hours on the phone; then, she slammed the phone down, burst into tears, and closed herself up in her bedroom.

Translation: Tina’s boyfriend broke up with her.
Question #31: Mom says, “I wish you would put away your video game controllers when you’re done playing; I would hate to have to take them away from you.”

Translation: Mom is threatening.
Question #32: Your teacher says to the class, “Since everyone is talking, I guess nobody wants to go out for recess today.”

Translation: The teacher is threatening.
Question #33: Your friend says, “Every time you come over to my place, you never do what I ask—I don’t know if I should invite you over anymore.”

Translation: You friend no longer wants you over.
Question #34: Renee walked in the door and took off her shoes as her mom said, “Piling your shoes next to the door is really dangerous; someone could trip on them.”

Translation: Mom is concerned.
Question #35: The bus driver says, “It’s hard for me to drive when you kids are yelling because I cannot watch traffic and try to keep you all quiet at the same time.”

Translation: The driver wants the kids to be quiet.
Question #36: Your brother says, “I cannot believe that you keep taking my basketball to the park; what am I supposed to do when I want to play?”

Translation: Your brother wants his ball back.
Question #37: There is a class field trip at the end of the year that costs each student $150.00 and Dale wants to go; he only has $75.00 and his parents said that he would have to earn the rest.

Translation: Attending the field trip will require Dale to pay $75.00
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