Lesson 6A: Complex Sentences

Lesson 6A: Complex Sentences
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Lesson 6A Quiz: Complex Sentences
Question #1: Carly picked up a chick and then she immediately started to cough and sneeze.

Translation: Carly is allergic to chicks.
Question #2: Jackie’s stepdad put ointment around both her knee and toe; then, he bandaged her to prevent infection.

Translation: Jackie’s stepdad helped her.
Question #3: Sheena put a quarter deep in her pocket and then she heard it fall to the ground.

Translation: Sheena has a hole in her pocket.

Question #4: Cheyanne thought she put a quarter in her pocket but she heard it fall to the ground.

Translation: Cheyanne's quarter fell.
Question #5: Andrea’s mom said that she could have an apple or some yogurt for an after-school snack

Translation: Andrea can have a snack.
Question #6: It was cold outside and Carter did not wear his coat to recess because he thought it would be a warm day.

Translation: Carter is cold.
Question #7: Two girls are talking in the library.

Translation: Two girls are talking.
Question #8: Two girls are whispering in the library.

Translation: The girls are quiet.
Question #9: Two girls are talking together at the mall.

Translation: The girls are conversing.
Question #10: It is raining outside and Cara was about to go outside to fly her kite

Translation: Cara cannot fly her kite.
Question #11: The cat unwound all of Samantha’s knitting yarn that was sitting on the floor.

Translation: The yarn is a mess.
Question #12: There is only one basketball and two boys are pulling at it.

Translation: The boys are mad.
Question #13: Jane ate lunch in her car and then threw the trash out the window

Translation: Jane littered.
Question #14: Sondra needs to bring/an empty milk jug to school but the only milk jug she has at home is still half-full.

Translation: Sondra needs to dump her milk out.
Question #15: Paul needs to tell his friend something important, but he has laryngitis.

Translation: Paul cannot talk.
Hint: Look up the word “laryngitis” before reading and place it on your vocabulary list if you did not know the word.
Question #16: Casey did not put her seat belt on when she got into her car, and a few minutes later, she was in a car accident and hit her head on the windshield.

Translation: Casey hurt herself.
Question #17: Since Terrence needed help with learning math facts, Sydney wrote some problems on flash cards and used them to play a game with him.

Translation: Sydney helped Terrence.
Question #18: Destiny only loves to be with her mom; she gets embarrassed and turns away when people talk to her.

Translation: Destiny is shy.
Question #19: When Max walks home from school, Tristan follows him daily, pushing him and calling him names

Translation: Tristan torments Max.
Question #20: Tyler fell asleep at school while his teacher is giving a lesson on Biology.

Translation: The lesson made Tyler sleepy.
Hint: Get to the end effect first; then find what cause it.
Question #21: Grace is having cereal for breakfast, but she realized that the box is empty.

Translation: Grace cannot have cereal.
Hint: Think about negatives and exceptions to negative translations.
Question #22: Omid wants to ride his bike to school, but his bike tire is flat.

Translation: Omid will need a ride.
Hint: Think about negatives and exceptions to negative translations.
Question #23: Alex is thirsty but the soda machine is broken.

Translation: Alex cannot drink soda.
Question #24: The kids are in a school play and the butterfly could not remember what she is supposed to say

Translation: The butterfly forgot her lines.
Question #25: The jar of mayonnaise is empty, so Ashley must eat her sandwich without mayonnaise

Translation: Ashley will eat a dry sandwich.
Question #26: The monkey is very hungry today and the zookeeper only gives him one banana

Translation: The monkey is still hungry.
Question #27: A bully is bothering Mia at school, so her mother is talking to the principal at school.

Translation: Mia’s mom is taking care of the
Question #28: Ellie is supposed to give a speech at school today, but she dropped her notes and they are all mixed up.

Translation: Ellie cannot give her speech.
Question #29: Albert grabbed Jeremy’s hands, but because Jeremy was so heavy, he slipped and fell off the ledge.

Translation: Albert could not save Jeremy.
Question #30: Bianca wants to keep the cat she found, but her mother said no because her father is allergic to cats.

Translation: Bianca is disappointed.
Question #31: Alex’s friends at school have longer hair, so Alex is letting his hair grow; his mom wants him to get his hair cut.

Translation: Alex’s mom does not want his hair cut.
Question #32: Perry had a headache so he lied down and rested until his headache went away.

Translation: The nap cured Perry’s headache.
Hint: What is the end effect; then what cause it?
Question #33: Guy’s baseball crashed through the school window, and he immediately ran off without telling anyone.

Translation: Guy is escaping the truth.
Question #34: Sonia went to the library to put her overdue book in the outside book return.

Translation: Sonia is avoiding the fine.
Question #35: Wrigley School does not allow kids to wear caps inside of the school, but Jose wore a cap anyway and was sent to the principal’s office.

Translation: Jose broke the cap rule.
Question #36: Dion needs to get a good grade on his math test tomorrow, but he decides to go to a party instead.

Translation: Dion made a bad choice.
Question #37: Mr. Burton could not sleep, decided to go for a walk outside, and spotted a car following him.

Translation: Mr. Burton is being followed.
Question #38: Rick has not had a job for a month and does not have enough money to support his wife and two kids.

Translation: Rick cannot support his family.
Question #39: Brooke and Ben are finally allowed to have a pet; Brooke wants a dog, but Ben wants a snake.

Translation: Brooke and Ben disagree on a pet.
Question #40: Allison is eating a bag of barbecue chips when a friend comes over and says, “Are those barbecue chips, because I’m starving and those are my favorite kind of chips.”

Translation: Allison is rude.
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