Lesson 5C: Emotions with Idioms

Lesson 5C: Emotions with Idioms
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Lesson 5C Quiz: Emotions with Idioms
Question #1: He is a man of his word.

Translation: He is sincere.
Question #2: He is at his wit's end.

Translation: He is upset.
Question #3: He is as cool as a cucumber.

Translation: He is a cold person.
Question #4: He is getting on my nerves.

Translation: He is irritating.
Question #5: He is under the weather.

Translation: He is feeling bad.
Question #6: He is a couch potato.

Translation: He is lazy.
Question #7: He has ants in his pants.

Translation: He is excited.
Question #8: She is bummed out.

Translation: She is gloomy.
Question #9: She has cabin fever.

Translation: She is sick.
Question #10: She has cold feet.

Translation: She is scared.
Question #11: She is a diva.

Translation: She is temperamental.
Question #12: She turned red as a beet.

Translation: She is hot.
Question #13: She is pig-headed.

Translation: She is stubborn.
Question #14: She has a heart of gold.

Translation: She is generous.
Question #15: He was saved by the bell.

Translation: He is on-time.
Question #16: She was on cloud nine.

Translation: She was high.
Question #17: He was seeing red.

Translation: He is furious.
Question #18: He is as hard as nails.

Translation: He is a hard to know.
Question #19: She was in a stew.

Translation: She is troubled.
Question #20: She was floored.

Translation: She was flabbergasted.
Question #21: He was a snake in the grass.

Translation: He is treacherous.
Question #22: She was sitting pretty.

Translation: She was beautiful.
Question #23: He was beating around the bush.

Translation: He is too talkative.
Question #24: He was a fat cat.

Translation: He is overweight.
Question #25: She was feeling her oats.

Translation: She was energetically bold.
Question #26: She grit her teeth.

Translation: She was angry.
Question #27: He was long in the tooth.

Translation: He was old.
Question #28: He was mad as a hatter.

Translation: He was angry.
Question #29: He was off-the-wall.

Translation: He is kooky and wild.
Question #30: She was on pins and needles.

Translation: She was excited.
Question #31: He was on the fence.

Translation: He was waiting.
Question #32: He was on the ball.

Translation: He was extremely competent.
Question #33: He was out in left field.

Translation: He was oddly unaware.
Question #34: She is the salt of the earth.

Translation: She is natural.
Question #35: She was a babe in the woods.

Translation: She was lost.
Question #36: You blow your own horn.

Translation: You are loud.
Question #37: She buttered him up.

Translation: She is persuasively flattering.
Question #38: He was champing at the bit.

Translation: He is eager.
Question #39: He has a chip on his shoulder.

Translation: He is cocky.
Question #40: He is putting all his eggs into one basket.

Translation: He is betting.
Question #41: She put her shoulder to the wheel.

Translation: She is strong.
Question #42: He raised Cain.

Translation: He is aggressive.
Question #43: She was splitting hairs.

Translation: She was extremely argumentative.
Question #44: She took her hat off to him.

Translation: She was curious.
Question #45: I will take this with a grain of salt.

Translation: I am accepting but skeptical.
Question #46: He threw in the towel.

Translation: He surrendered.
Question #47: He is too big for his britches.

Translation: He is overly confident.
Question #48: She is the top banana.

Translation: She is the boss
Question #49: She is true blue.

Translation: She is feeling confident.
Question #50: She is upper crust.

Translation: She is superior.
Question #51: He is up against the wall.

Translation: He is standing tall.
Question #52: She is walking on air.

Translation: She is light.
Question #53: She wears her heart on her sleeves.

Translation: She is openly emotional.
Question #54: He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Translation: He is diabolically sneaky.
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