Lesson 4B: Deducing

Lesson 4B: Deducing
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Lesson 4B Quiz: Deducing
Question #1: The picnic starts at 11:00 a.m., but if you do not want to be there on time, we can go later, since it goes until dusk.

Translation: We can go after 11 a.m.
Question #2: One ticket costs $5 and you can get a discount if you buy 10 for $40.

Translation: Tickets cost less if you buy 10.
Hint: Use your math and draw the pictures if you cannot see.
Question #3: Although I had no cavities at my checkup, the dental hygienist said that I need to brush my teeth more carefully.

Translation: I have plaque.
Hint: You need to “see” the issue with your teeth.
Question #4: We usually take the bus to go to the museum, but today we are driving because we need to bring a stroller for my aunt’s baby.

Translation: We had to use the car.
Hint: Get to the result and then find out what caused it.
Question #5: Moths ate Selma’s favorite winter sweater and it now has hundreds of pinholes.

Translation: Selma’s sweater has pinholes.
Hint: What is the result?
Question #6: I need a pencil for the math test because mine fell out of my pocket and I do not have a pencil to take the test.

Translation: I lost my pencil.
Question #7: Candidate Berry promised to cut taxes, increase the minimum wage, cure all cancer, and make everyone millionaires if he wins the election.

Translation: Candidate Berry makes lots of promises.
Question #8: Katie ordered a gift for her mom online, but she did not pay extra for the gift-wrapping; she wants her sister, Taryn, to make the package look nice.

Translation: Katie wants the present to look nice.
Question #9: When our dog, Jethro, jumped our fence, he enjoyed digging large holes in our neighbor’s yard.

Translation: Jethro ruined the neighbor’s yard.
Hint: Is this a single translation or a side-by-side?
Question #10: Darnell got a rash on his face from his new glasses because they have metal rims; this is because he has an allergy to the nickel in some metals.

Translation: Darnell is allergic to glasses.
Question #11: 140 years before the motor-powered plane in 1903, people were riding in hot-air balloons.

Translation: People have been flying balloons for over 250 years.
Hint: Use your math skills along with pen and paper.
Question #12: My brother, who is 15, is 10 years younger than me.

Translation: I am 25 years old.
Hint: Use your math skills.
Question #13: Cousin Henry is an attorney, his wife does his bookkeeping, and his son is his partner in their three-man law office.

Translation: Cousin Henry has a family-run law office.
Question #14: Candice could not believe her eyes when she saw the cowboy being trampled by the bull.

Translation: The trampled cowboy caused Candice's shock.
Question #15: Colleges are looking for students who have excellent grades, are involved in extracurricular activities, and are motivated.

Translation: Colleges are looking for students who are involved inside and outside of school.
Question #16: The comedian made most of the audience laugh, but Karen was not entertained by an off-color joke.

Translation: The comedian appalled Karen.
Question #17: Raul is now the chief engineer at Toyota and has been working there for 35 years.

Translation: Raul loves Toyota.
Question #18: Because Hassan is a fantastic camp counselor and is amazing with children, he has gotten several offers outside of camp for babysitting.

Translation: Hassan’s exceptional counselor skills gained him babysitting jobs.
Question #19: Dandelions are bothersome weeds, but they are also a nutritious food that can be cooked like spinach, or used raw in salad greens.

Translation: Dandelions are weeds and food.
Question #20: Antisocial people do not start conversations, like to be alone, and they are normally very quiet.

Translation: Antisocial people are quiet.
Question #21: Although most people think that Presidents’ Day, the third Monday in February is a holiday, it is legally named Washington’s Birthday.

Translation: Washington’s Birthday is commonly known as Presidents’ Day.
Question #22: A new study states that the oxygen level in worldwide oceans has dipped by more than 2% in the last half century, which is harming marine animals’ capacity to survive.

Translation: The water’s oxygen level is killing animals.
Question #23: Upload your completed worksheet.
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