Lesson 4A: Longer Abstract Reasoning Sentences

Lesson 4A: Longer Abstract Reasoning Sentences
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Lesson 4A Quiz: Longer Abstract Reasoning Sentences
Question #1: Christie forgot to lock her house door when she left this morning.

Translation: The door is unlocked.
Question #2: Dad forgot to roll his car window up last night.

Translation: Rain got inside the car.
Question #3: Jan put our puppy outside this morning and forgot to bring him in the house before she left for school.

Translation: The puppy was abandoned.
Question #4: Joe did not put the milk back in the refrigerator after breakfast and it stayed out for 18 hours.

Translation: The milk was warm.
Question #5: Mom forgot to set the alarm clock last night.

Translation: Mom did not wake up.
Question #6: Susan picks other people’s flowers without their permission.

Translation: Susan steals flowers.
Question #7: A stray kitten was outside our school, so Nancy picked it up and brought it home to keep.

Translation: Nancy kidnapped the kitten.
Question #8: Bill took a library book back late.

Translation: The book was overdue.
Question #9: Terri left her purse on the busy store counter while trying on a dress in the dressing room.

Translation: Terri does not have her purse.
Question #10: Although Brad had a lot of homework to do last night, he watched television instead.

Translation: Brad was procrastinating.
Question #11: John goes up the stairs two steps at a time.

Translation: John goes up fast.
Question #12: David, who is five years old, wants to light fireworks on his own.

Translation: David is unaware of the fireworks' dangers.
Hint: Is this a negative translation that you can see?
Question #13: Susan set her glass of milk at the edge of the table.

Translation: The milk is apt to spill.
Question #14: The baby aggressively picked up the broken glass with his fingers.

Translation: The baby is apt to cut his fingers.
Question #15: Stephanie has not watered her flowers for over three weeks during the hot season.

Translation: The flowers are dry.
Question #16: Sandra had a school project and finished it with a 102-degree fever.

Translation: Sandra is sick and finishing a project.
Question #17: Barry works alone, but still went to work even though he had a 102-degree fever.

Translation: Barry is determined.
Question #18: Marissa attended the school play production with a fever and was seated shoulder-to-shoulder with others.

Translation: Marissa is exposing others.
Question #19: Alex went to work with a fever and worked alongside his co-workers.

Translation: Alex is determined.
Question #20: Samar always leaves his bicycle either outdoors in the locked shed during the summer, or takes it inside during the winter.

Translation: Samar always keeps his bike safe.
Question #21: Bruce put a sweaty glass on a wooden table.

Translation: The glass will harm the table.
Hint: Can you see all the words in this translation?
Question #22: Our neighbor always backs his car out of the driveway very fast.

Translation: The neighbor speeds.
Question #23: James drives down the local street very fast.

Translation: James drives fast.
Question #24: Jeremy throws stones at cars.

Translation: Jeremy is harming cars.
Hint: Can you see the translation?
Question #25: It is dangerous to look directly in the sun.

Translation: The sun can harm your eyes.
Question #26: When you bite your fingernails and you touch things afterwards, you not only can spread germs, but get them.

Translation: Biting fingernails results in ingesting germs.
Hint: Think “gerund.” If you do not remember gerunds, go back to the Foundations 1 gerund movie.
Question #27: It is not a good idea to use a friend’s lipstick.

Translation: Using a friend’s lipstick spreads germs.
Question #28: Do not walk on a frozen lake when it is getting warm outside.

Translation: Walking on frozen lakes are dangerous.
Hint: Think “gerund.” If you do not remember gerunds, go back to the Foundations 1 gerund movie.
Question #29: Yesterday was Sunday and tomorrow will be Tuesday.

Translation: Tomorrow comes after yesterday.
Question #30: You took a bite out of an apple and you saw a severed half of a worm.

Translation: You ate half a worm.
Question #31: You mailed a letter to a friend and it was returned to you.

Translation: The mail had the wrong address.
Question #32: The swimsuit that you wore last summer does not fit anymore.

Translation: I grew.
Question #33: The laundered swimsuit no longer fits.

Translation: The swimsuit shrunk.
Question #34: You put money in your pocket to buy groceries and now it is gone.

Translation: You lost your money.
Question #35: How many times do I have to tell you no?

Translation: The answer is “no.”
Question #36: You need to stop rambling.

Translation: You need to stop talking.
Question #37: You will have to limit the number of phone calls you make.

Translation: The phone bill is too expensive.
Question #38: All the electricity went off in the house.

Translation: The house is dark.
Question #39: You are at the beach and you forgot your sunglasses.

Translation: The glare will bother your eyes.
Question #40: If you save your money you can buy a new iPhone.

Translation: Saving money will get you a new iPhone.
Hint: The translation must reflect seeing the entire sentence.
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