Lesson 3B: Abstract Reasoning 2

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Lesson 3B Quiz: Abstract Reasoning 2
Question #1: This lemonade is too sour.

Translation: The lemonade does not taste good.
Question #2: The lake is low.

Translation: The lake is shallow.
Question #3: Libraries have many books.

Translation: Libraries have multitudes of books.
Question #4: Baskin Robbins has 56 different choices of ice cream.

Translation: Baskin Robbins has lots of ice cream.
Question #5: Marcy thinks that Bubba’s Grille is the best restaurant.

Translation: Marcy likes Bubba’s Grille
Question #6: Insects have six legs.

Translation: Insects have three legs on each side.
Hint: Draw the picture and describe what you see.
Question #7: Zando is on December 25th.

Translation: Zando is on Christmas.
Hint: What is December 25th?
Question #8: Boys are taller than girls.

Translation: Girls are shorter than boys.
Question #9: Most people have brown eyes.

Translation: Brown eyes are common.
Question #10: Christmas is always in the month of December.

Translation: Christmas is always in December.
Question #11: New babies cannot talk.

Translation: New babies cannot speak.
Question #12: Ice cubes are very cold.

Translation: Ice cubes are frozen.
Question #13: Ketchup is a condiment for hamburgers.

Translation: Ketchup adds flavor to hamburgers.
Question #14: You need to understand the teacher.

Translation: The teacher helps you learn.
Question #15: Bananas are always sweet.

Translation: Bananas are not sour.
Question #16: The winters are always cold in Alaska.

Translation: The winters are not warm.
Question #17: It is always warm in Puerto Rico.

Translation: Puerto Rico is far south.
Question #18: A young child should never use a sharp object.

Translation: Young children do not know about sharp objects.
Hint: What is the subject?
Question #19: Eating cereal is healthier for you than candy.

Translation: Candy is less healthy than cereal.
Hint: Why is it healthier? The answer will help you to see the translation.
Question #20: The best way to clean your whole body is to take a shower.

Translation: Showering is cleaner than other ways.
Hint: Open your picture and think about all the ways to be clean.
Question #21: Upload your completed worksheet.
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