Lesson 2G: Add and Converge

Lesson 2G: Add and Converge
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Lesson 2G Quiz: Add and Converge
Question #1: Myleek called and wants you to pick him up on your way to the movie tonight.

Translation: Myleek needs a ride.
Question #2: Your cousin, Ian, called and said he will be here on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Translation: Ian is coming early.
Question #3: Mrs. Holmes said that Phil could not play street hockey after school because he had a make-up trumpet lesson.

Translation: Phil’s trumpet lesson is replacing today’s street hockey.
Question #4: People are encouraged to enter the Community Pride Day Parade in September.

Translation: The parade needs participants.
Question #5: The parade begins on River Drive at 10:00 a.m. sharp, and you do not want to miss any floats.

Translation: Be at the parade.
Question #6: Jenny and Stacy are going in on a birthday present for Amanda.

Translation: Jenny and Stacy are buying a present together.
Question #7: Jenny and Stacy want to know if you want to pitch in for the present.

Translation: Jenny and Stacy want you to share 1/3 the cost.
Question #8: Rick told Devon that he would be late for the game because he must babysit his little sister until his dad gets home; he wants Devon to save him a seat.

Translation: Rick needs to babysit.
Question #9: It is recess time at Hoover School for the 5th graders, where some kids are playing basketball, some are playing catch, doing outdoor artwork, and some are sitting around talking.

Translation: The 5th graders are playing various sports.
Question #10: “The Spotlights” perform by singing, dancing, acting, and playing several different instruments.

Translation: The Spotlights are multi-talented.
Question #11: There are so many fun things to do this year at the County Fair because there are puppet shows, Frisbee, a rope-jumping contest, and lots of treats to eat.

Translation: The county fair has four different activities.
Question #12: Standing on the Lake Michigan shoreline, I was not able to see the Chicago shoreline.

Translation: The lake was large.
Question #13: This farm has more animals than a zoo; and what you cannot see is all the corn growing out in the fields, which is the farmer’s main crop.

Translation: The corn is the largest crop.
Question #14: Sabrina is a 20-year-old singer in a jazz band and she has been singing since she was four.

Translation: Sabrina has been singing since she was four.
Question #15: Kelly Stevens teaches third-grade language arts and math.

Translation: Kelly Stevens teaches two subjects.
Question #16: Max Morgan teaches third-grade math, although he coaches basketball, too.

Translation: Max is both teacher and coach.
Question #17: Wanda is a beautician and her favorite people to work with are children, although she cuts and styles hair for adult men and women too.

Translation: Wanda cuts hair for all ages of people.
Question #18: Vicki is a plumber who especially likes doing repairs in old buildings, like fixing or replacing old sink and toilet pipes and drains.

Translation: Vicki likes working in all buildings.
Question #19: Farmers raise just about everything we eat, from hamburger to zucchini.

Translation: We need farmers.
Question #20: Swimming is a great way to exercise because it works our heart and lungs, along with your leg and arm muscles.

Translation: Swimming is healthy for you.
Question #21: It is a good idea to swim where a lifeguard is watching because should anyone have any problems while swimming, a lifeguard is trained to perform many rescue techniques and administers first aid.

Translation: Lifeguards protect swimmers.
Question #22: Even before you were born, you were using your brain to think: you heard voices and music, you felt with your skin, and you changed positions when you were uncomfortable.

Translation: Your brain worked before you were born.
Question #23: After you were born, and as you grew, you learned to talk and walk, climb stairs, or say your ABC’s, which needs super brainpower!

Translation: Brains get smarter.
Question #24: Now that you are older, you are using your brain to solve problems, including little problems, like when to sharpen your pencil, or big problems, like how to win a computer game.

Translation: Growing brains can solve more complex problems.
Question #25: Wes checked his shopping list again and pushed his cart down the last aisle to find his missing item, only to find that the sardines were not there.

Translation: Wes cannot find the sardines.
Question #26: Zach needed a particular book to finish his research paper that was due tomorrow, but the local library is closed.

Translation: Zach cannot finish his research paper.
Question #27: The knight crept across the drawbridge and pushed the heavy wooden door open slowly; he was careful not to let his armor clank against the stone walls.

Translation: The knight is quiet.
Question #28: As the science teacher gave directions for the experiment, all the directions seemed the same, so Betsy decided to read her novel.

Translation: Betsy defied the teacher.
Question #29: Computers are an important part of many businesses today, which is why everyone should become computer savvy and have fast keyboarding skills.

Translation: People should know computers.
Question #30: More teens are dying every year from heart disease because many have dangerous fatty deposits around their hearts, due to little exercise and unhealthy diets.

Translation: Little exercise and unhealthy diets cause teen heart disease.
Question #31: Stan asked Richard if he really wanted to waste his money on a frivolous clock that looks like a piece of junk.

Translation: Stan thinks that the clock is junk.
Question #32: Jay got up to get a soda in the middle of the dark movie and accidentally stepped on what seemed to be someone’s foot.

Translation: Darkness caused Jay to trip.
Question #33: Mack lost his backpack and he told his friends that it is green canvas and was last seen by the football field.

Translation: Mack cannot find his backpack.
Question #34: Leo went to work and got his shirt dirty while eating lunch; then, the corner of his desk snagged the knit and ripped it.

Translation: Leo ruined his shirt.
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