Lesson 2E: Negatives

Lesson 2E: Negatives
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Lesson 2E Quiz: Negatives
Question #1: Kareem’s mom bought him something to wear for running around outside for the summer; however, it was not a shirt or shoes, and it did not have full legs.

Translation: Kareem bought shorts.
Question #2: Casey’s teacher told the students in her class to bring in snacks that were not hard to eat.

Translation: The students should bring easy-to-eat snacks.
Question #3: Eva does not like soft foods that melt in her mouth.

Translation: Eva likes to chew.
Question #4: The Warner family lives in an apartment and found a mouse in a bedroom area that is not wide open.

Translation: The mouse is under the bed.
Question #5: The Garcia family is trying to decide where to go on a summer vacation; they want to go somewhere that is not hot.

Translation: The Garcia’s want to vacation far north.
Question #6: The pet store is having a special sale on pets that are not over ten pounds.

Translation: The pet store has a sale on small animals.
Question #7: The weather forecaster gave a lively report on the news last night and told about a kind of weather that is not wet.

Translation: The weather will be dry.
Question #8: The weather forecaster gave a grim report on the news and told about the upcoming northern winter weather alert that involves precipitation.

Translation: A snowstorm is coming.
Question #9: Not exercising creates more body fat.

Translation: Exercising decreases body fat.
Question #10: If you do not study, you will not do well on tests.

Translation: Studying will enhance test performance.
Question #11: Not wearing a seat belt is against the law.

Translation: Seat belts are the law.
Hint: Every word counts!
Question #12: If you do not chew food, you can choke.

Translation: Chewing helps with choking.
Question #13: Mr. Simpson does not take care of his yard and has an overgrown lawn and unruly bushes.

Translation: Mr. Simpson has an overgrown property.
Question #14: The babysitter did not feed the children junk food.

Translation: The babysitter feeds the children healthy food.
Question #15: I did not take a shower for a week.

Translation: I am dirty.
Question #16: The man did not pay for the full price for the pants.

Translation: The pants were on sale.
Question #17: Not covering your mouth will get me sick.

Translation: Covering your mouth restricts germs.
Question #18: If you do not brush your teeth after eating sweets, you will probably get cavities.

Translation: Brushing teeth prevents cavities.
Question #19: If you do not stop making fun of me, I am going to leave.

Translation: If you make fun of me, I will leave.
Question #20: If you cannot stop talking back to me, I will punish you.

Translation: Talking back will result in punishment.
Hint: Think, “what is the result and what will cause it (noun).”
Question #21: I will not cringe if you stop showing me your scar.

Translation: Stop showing me your scar.
Question #22: It is difficult to hear you when two people are talking at the same time.

Translation: You are interrupting.
Question #23: Even the age of science has not destroyed people’s superstitions.

Translation: Science has superstitions.
Question #24: The diets of Americans are not in line with healthy eating.

Translation: Americans eat unhealthy diets.
Question #25: Hakim is in no way ashamed of his new, fancy car.

Translation: Hakim likes his car.
Question #26: Kim is not going to let her bad hair day affect her final exams.

Translation: Kim is focused for finals.
Question #27: You cannot ride a bike with a flat tire because the lack of air in the tire will not keep it round.

Translation: Flat tires need air.
Question #28: People do not swim in the Amazon river because of the killer piranhas.

Translation: The Amazon's piranhas kill swimmers.
Question #29: Soccer is the most popular sport, except for the United States; however, this does not mean that soccer is not popular in the United States.

Translation: Soccer is popular worldwide.
Question #30: Amir told Kyle not to sign up for the English class because the teacher was boring.

Translation: Amir thinks the teacher is boring.
Question #31: Cassy did not let on about the upcoming event so that she could surprise Hassam.

Translation: Cassy is surprising Hassam.
Question #32: Cold weather did not impact the Boyer’s vacation to Mexico.

Translation: The Boyers had warm weather.
Question #33: Chris could not keep his eyes off the beautiful model walking down the street in New York City.

Translation: Chris had his eyes stuck on the model.
Question #34: The singers could not keep up with the song’s fast tempo.

Translation: The singers sang slower than the song.
Question #35: The sun is not going to come out on Wednesday, but it will not rain.

Translation: The weather will be cloudy.
Question #36: Ralph did not use his manners when he received the nice gift.

Translation: Ralph was rude.
Question #37: Oklahoma City does not have hilly or mountainous terrain.

Translation: Oklahoma City has flat terrain.
Question #38: Although the farmer tried to entice the pig with his favorite food, it did not come out of the pen.

Translation: The pig was stubborn.
Question #39: 40 out of 50 states do not have as many people as those living in New York City.

Translation: 40-50 states have as much people as New York City.
Hint: Use your math.
Question #40: The Liberty Bell does not have the correct spelling of the word “Pennsylvania.”

Translation: The Liberty Bell has a misspelling.
Question #41: In 1872, the U.S. did not overpay Russia for buying Alaska, purchasing the state for about 2 cents per acre.

Translation: The United States purchased Alaska for a reasonable 2 cents per acre.
Question #42: It would not take you any less than 400 years to spend a night in all of Las Vegas’s hotel rooms.

Translation: It takes less than 400 years to visit all Las Vegas hotel rooms.
Hint: What is the end effect and what is the subject?
Question #43: There is an island full of wild monkeys off the coast of South Carolina called Morgan Island, and it is not open to humans.

Translation: Monkeys are not with humans on Morgan Island.
Question #44: Arizona and Hawaii are now the only states that do not observe daylight saving time.

Translation: Two states do not observe daylight saving time,
Hint: Think “math.”
Question #45: The Empire State Building does not share a zip code with any other part of New York.

Translation: The Empire State building has its own unique zip code.
Question #46: In 1922, a man from Rockport Massachusetts built his house that was not anything but 100,000 newspapers.

Translation: Rockport Massachusetts has a newspaper house.
Question #47: The town of Centralia, Pennsylvania has not been free of coal mine fires since 1962.

Translation: Centralia, Pennsylvania has had over 50 years of ongoing fires.
Question #48: As most temperature changes are not very extreme, in 1943, the temperature in Spearfish, South Dakota dropped 49 degrees in 2 minutes, one of the most drastic changes on record.

Translation: Spearfish had a record-breaking extreme temperature drop.
Question #49: Two-thirds of all $100 bills are not inside the United States.

Translation: One-third of all $100 bills exist within the United states.
Question #50: Other than South Florida, alligators and crocodiles do not coexist in the wild.

Translation: Other places have only alligators or crocodiles.
Question #51: In Montana’s Glacier National Park, there is “bark ranger” that is not human; this canine ranger helps herd wildlife away from high traffic areas.

Translation: Montana has a dog as a park ranger.
Question #52: Kansas produces enough wheat each year that would not leave everyone in the world hungry for two weeks.

Translation: Kansas’ wheat feeds the world for two weeks.
Question #53: Emojis have not improved our language; in fact, they have gone backwards 4000 years, before words.

Translation: Emojis have reverted back to primitive written communication.
Question #54: Cindy does not dispute that reading is an important skill.

Translation: Cindy agrees that reading is important.
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