Lesson 2D: Adding Idioms

Lesson 2D: Adding Idioms
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Lesson 2D Quiz: Adding Idioms
Question #1: Finding my friend in the crowd was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Translation: My friend was impossible to find.
Question #2: The crack in the basement wall was the size of the Grand Canyon.

Translation: The crack was large.
Question #3: Mr. Henderson is a stick of dynamite waiting to go off.

Translation: Mr. Henderson gets extremely mad.
Question #4: Listening to that lecture was like having your fingernails yanked out.

Translation: The lecture is painful.
Hint: This sentence is a hyperbole—and exaggeration to provide a point.
Question #5: The walls of the old house moaned and shuddered in the hurricane.

Translation: The hurricane weakened the walls.
Question #6: Jamal’s legs could step over the Mississippi River.

Translation: Jamal’s legs are extremely long.
Question #7: Mike needs to cut to the chase and tell us.

Translation: Mike talks too much.
Question #8: Ian’s birthday gift of $100 was burning a hole in his pocket.

Translation: Ian cannot wait to spend all his money.
Question #9: The house’s lawn was knee high and the inside was dusty and damp.

Translation: The property was unkempt.
Question #10: Maya’s two days of worrying melted away in a second after the teacher handed her the test.

Translation: The test looked easy.
Question #11: Kendra’s two days of worrying melted away in a second after the teacher handed back her test.

Translation: The test was easy.
Hint: Watch for a specific word.
Question #12: Keith’s eyelids began to droop and his head sagged, while his teacher’s voice droned on and on.

Translation: Keith was tired in class.
Hint: Look up the word drone before translating.
Question #13: Matt told Ken that the person who took his cupcake from his lunch tray was not getting away with it.

Translation: Matt wants revenge.
Question #14: Stacy held her arms out at her sides and whirled around and around; then she stopped and the room seemed to be spinning.

Translation: Stacy was dizzy.
Question #15: Luis yawned, stretched his arms above his head, rubbed his eyes, and tried to concentrate on his homework.

Translation: Luis is tired.
Question #16: We would avoid 80% of all head injuries if people wore protective helmets.

Translation: People need protective helmets.
Question #17: The muggy weather makes me want to shut my eyes and nod out.

Translation: The muggy weather makes me sleepy.
Question #18: Kathy’s prom dress is as billowy as a cloud.

Translation: Kathy’s prom dress is big.
Hint: If you do not know the word “billowy,” look it up and place it on your vocabulary list.
Question #19: Kim’s pitch is a speeding bullet.

Translation: The pitch is extremely fast.
Question #20: Tom’s suitcase was an anchor.

Translation: The suitcase weighed Tom down.
Question #21: The fog around the bridge was pea soup.

Translation: The fog was green.
Hint: What does pea soup look like?
Question #22: I shoveled for over two hours and my feet were blocks of ice.

Translation: Shoveling froze my feet.
Question #23: Kathy and Laura do not agree on whose turn it was to wash dishes so they decided to flip a coin.

Translation: The coin flip determined the dishwasher.
Question #24: Tina is sick today and cannot deliver the papers on her route; so, her friend helped her out.

Translation: Tina’s friend helped with the route.
Question #25: Cover the table with newspapers so that you can glue and paint without getting anything on it.

Translation: Newspapers protect tables.
Question #26: With someone snoring loudly, the audience had a difficult time watching the movie.

Translation: The snoring distracted the audience.
Question #27: The burnt cookies should be given to the birds.

Translation: The cookies were inedible.
Question #28: The mitten was frozen to the step and buried underneath ice.

Translation: This mitten was concealed.
Question #29: Sol carefully folded the newspaper into a large triangle with an opening and placed it on his head.

Translation: Sol made a newspaper hat.
Question #30: The attic box was covered with dust.

Translation: The box was old.
Hint: Remember that if you can see “red,” you do not have to translate what you can see.
Question #31: Earth is the third planet from the sun and its energy source provides heat and light to our planet.

Translation: The sun provides the earth’s energy.
Question #32: It is warm in Florida all year, which is why people travel to this state for vacation.

Translation: Florida's warm weather make it popular.
Hint: Remember that if you can see “red,” you do not have to translate what you can see.
Question #33: Shane washed his jeans with bleach because he thought that would make his pants look cool.

Translation: Bleaching jeans made Shane feel cool.
Question #34: A radio has a volume control so that you can adjust the loudness to the level you want.

Translation: Volume controls adjust loudness.
Question #35: Tree branches were piled with heavy snow, so Roger headed off outside with a broom and a ladder.

Translation: Roger got the heavy snow off the trees.
Question #36: A chicken and owl both have beaks, claws and feathers.

Translation: A chicken and owl have similar features.
Question #37: Reread the paper to check for spelling and punctuation errors.

Translation: Editing corrects errors.
Hint: “Red” is red.
Question #38: Thomas thinks that school might be cancelled tomorrow, so he decides not to do his homework.

Translation: Thomas is risking incomplete work.
Question #39: Chloe woke up and saw heavy snow on the ground; her room is extremely cold and she found that she could not watch TV.

Translation: Chloe is frustrated.
Question #40: Since the Jones family was snowed in and there was no electricity, they played board games, sang and played jokes on each other.

Translation: The Jones family were entertaining themselves.
Question #41: Jogging is a great aerobic exercise, but well-cushioned shoes are a must for safety.

Translation: Well-cushioned shoes prevent injuries.
Hint: Do not always look at the first word as the subject. That is why you need to look away while reading. <strong>Another correct translation is: <em> Well-cushioned shoes makes jogging safe. </em></strong>
Question #42: After looking at the jellybeans in the jar for several minutes, Ian surmised there were over one thousand.

Translation: Ian guessed at the jellybeans.
Question #43: After the speech, everyone talked about how Mr. Witherspoon blew them away by keeping the audience interested for over an hour.

Translation: Mr. Witherspoon intrigued the audience.
Question #44: All Ryan wants is to sit at the computer; he does not talk to anyone, avoids homework, and plays computer games all day.

Translation: Ryan is introverted.
Hint: If you do not know the word “introverted,” look it up and place it on your vocabulary list before answering this question.
Question #45: Reed told us to save a tree by throwing the paper away properly.

Translation: Mr. Reed is telling us to recycle.
Question #46: Mark’s wife makes deviled eggs every year on Easter and he is repulsed.

Translation: Mark hates deviled eggs.
Hint: Always look up unknown words and place them on your vocabulary list.
Question #47: Ben’s teacher thought that his excuse for late homework was a sham and gave him a detention.

Translation: Late homework got Ben the detention.
Question #48: Tim evaded Rick’s question about his research report by talking about the weather instead.

Translation: Tim switched the subject.
Question #49: Pit bulls often attack people, but many people love them and have them for pets.

Translation: Docile pit bulls are pets.
Hint: If you do not know the word “docile,” look it up and place it on your vocabulary list.
Question #50: Derek opened his bedroom door, smelled smoke, dropped his book bag, and ran toward the computer.

Translation: Derek’s computer is on fire.
Question #51: Since Melvin and Otto did not know when the movie started, they called the theater.

Translation: Melvin and Otto called for movie times.
Question #52: Jamal pushed his chair back from the table, patted his stomach, and said that he could not get up.

Translation: Jamal overate.
Question #53: Darren borrowed his brother’s skateboard without asking, took it to school and lost it.

Translation: Darren is irresponsible.
Question #54: Even a dictionary would have failed that spelling test; the teacher must have made up all the words.

Translation: The test was extremely hard.
Question #55: Many students make jokes about school cafeteria food and are always saying that the cafeteria lunches are gross, even though everyone eats and loves the pizza.

Translation: Students do not like the cafeteria food except for the pizza.
Question #56: Greg’s dog is meaner than a mother grizzly bear protecting her cubs.

Translation: The dog can attack.
Question #57: Jared’s mom took his clothes into his room and it took her all day to just find his closet.

Translation: Jared’s room is messy.
Question #58: Lisa’s sneeze blew out the windows.

Translation: Lisa’s sneeze is loud.
Hint: Think hyperbole—an exaggeration.
Question #59: You know when your watch is on time by checking another watch, a clock, turning on your cable TV, or looking at your cell phone.

Translation: Checking electronic devices verifies the time.
Question #60: Jason finally spotted the basketball shoes that he had been searching for, and they were calling his name.

Translation: Jason desperately wants the shoes.
Question #61: As the crowd cheered, Jennifer held her head high with her heart swelling.

Translation: Jennifer is happy.
Question #62: Yolanda’s eyes blazed and she clenched her hands.

Translation: Yolanda is furious.
Question #63: Hiroshi was waiting for the final football score and thought that his heart might pop out of his chest.

Translation: Hiroshi is excited.
Question #64: Sergei sighed, slumped down in his chair, looked at the clock again, and felt as though its hands had barely moved.

Translation: Sergei is tired
Question #65: Upload your completed worksheet.
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