Lesson 2B: Advanced Sentence Convergence

Lesson 2B: Advanced Sentence Convergence
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Lesson 2B: Advanced Sentence Convergence
Question #1: Sarah grabbed her pen and paper and then looked up at the teacher.

Translation: Sarah is ready.
Question #2: Sarah was writing as her teacher was lecturing.

Translation: Sarah is taking notes.
Question #3: The excited five-year-old opened the hot oven and grabbed the metal shelf with his bare hands.

Translation: The five-year-old grabbed the hot shelf.
Question #4: The October leaves on the maple tree were brown and extremely sparse.

Translation: Fall is here.
Question #5: This summer, the leaves on the maple tree were brown and extremely sparse.

Translation: The leaves fell off the tree.
Question #6: Everyone cheered as the diver walked up toward the end of the board.

Translation: The people are excited.
Question #7: My nose pushed against the boarded window of the old, abandoned, empty, lit schoolroom.

Translation: I could barely see inside.
Question #8: My nose pushed against the undressed window; and although the old, abandoned, empty schoolroom was lit, I could barely see inside.

Translation: I cannot see inside.
Question #9: This morning, the grass glistened and the street had deep puddles.

Translation: The rain was heavy.
Question #10: The one-way street sign was clearly marked, but a car was coming from the wrong direction.

Translation: The driver was not paying attention.
Question #11: The computer was humming; then, there was a pop and the screen went black.

Translation: The computer broke.
Question #12: Joe took the milk out of the refrigerator and it did not smell right.

Translation: The milk is spoiled.
Question #13: Mary took the cheese out of the refrigerator and found a white-blue film on top.

Translation: The cheese was surrounded with film.
Question #14: Mary took the cheese out of the refrigerator and found a clear film surrounding it.

Translation: The cheese is wrapped.
Question #15: The red apple had a tiny black hole in it.

Translation: The apple went bad.
Question #16: The cut apple had some blackened parts inside.

Translation: Part of the apple was rotten.
Question #17: Michelle watered the lawn with her dog, walked inside, and smelled something nasty under her shoes.

Translation: Michelle stepped in something.
Question #18: It was 3:00 after school and my mom was still not there.

Translation: Traffic was bad.
Question #19: The audience quieted as the room darkened and the curtain rose.

Translation: The show is starting.
Question #20: The 100-dollar iPhone is now 150 dollars.

Translation: The phone went up.
Question #21: The peach tasted bland.

Translation: The peach is rotten.
Question #22: I plugged my nose and quickly gulped the spoon of medicine.

Translation: The medicine tasted bad.
Question #23: The boy could not be found in the crowd; the people towered over him.

Translation: Everyone towered over the boy.
Question #24: The sun peeked up from the horizon and lit the air.

Translation: The sun was rising.
Question #25: The moon was like a basketball as it brightened the night sky.

Translation: The moon was round.
Question #26: During Christmas, multi-colored lights covered the city streets and some buildings.

Translation: The lights brightened the city.
Question #27: Vibrant, multi-colored flowers lined the city streets.

Translation: The flowers decorated the streets
Question #28: The train had 300 cars and a caboose.

Translation: The train is long.
Question #29: The captain turned off the seatbelt sign on the plane.

Translation: The plane has landed.
Question #30: The server approached the table with a pen and paper.

Translation: The server is giving the people the bill.
Question #31: The round, hard candy made my mouth pucker.

Translation: I could not eat the candy.
Question #32: Late in the evening, as I lie in bed, the neighbor’s dog would not stop barking.

Translation: The dog kept me up.
Question #33: The teacher counted all the heads in the room.

Translation: The teacher is taking attendance.
Question #34: The mother tried to calm her crying child but was unsuccessful.

Translation: The baby kept crying.
Question #35: Cary and Bill played kick-the-can outside of school while waiting to be picked up.

Translation: Cary and Bill were killing time.
Question #36: Lily and Megan looked for their books in their lockers and could not find them.

Translation: Lily and Megan lost their books.
Question #37: Mrs. Munson thanked the teacher for her hard work all year.

Translation: Today is the last day of school.
Question #38: Nancy woke up this morning and could smell the sweetness from the kitchen.

Translation: Something smelled good.
Question #39: Ben ran toward the bus, but it was too late.

Translation: Ben missed the bus.
Question #40: When we came home, we found that my dog chewed the newspaper, knocked over two plants, tipped over the kitchen trash, pulled my shoes from the closet and chewed them.

Translation: The dog trashed the house.
Question #41: I have to move to the basement because my grandfather is coming to live with us.

Translation: Grandpa is moving in.
Question #42: Owen ate ten brownies at home and ended up not going to the movies.

Translation: Owen did not go to the movies.
Question #43: I stood up and my shoes clung to the floor in the movie theatre.

Translation: The movie theater floor was sticky.
Question #44: There was a huge snowstorm and we had to stay at the hotel for an additional day.

Translation: The snowstorm caused us to stay longer.
Question #45: We were late for the concert, so we replaced our dinner with chips and soda.

Translation: We ate chips and soda.
Question #46: Since so many people wanted to buy tickets, two more shows were added.

Translation: Two shows were added.
Question #47: Blake had a broken leg because he was showing off on his skateboard.

Translation: Blake broke his leg.
Question #48: Our teacher got sick, so she postponed the math test.

Translation: Our math test is postponed.
Question #49: Nancy was called into work so Grace had to babysit.

Translation: Nancy’s work caused Grace to babysit.
Question #50: Mosquitos are choosy because they like to bite sweaty people with lactic acid.

Translation: Mosquitos are choosy.
Question #51: The assignment was the most difficult Miguel had ever seen and every problem had him baffled.

Translation: The assignment was impossible.
Question #52: The girls walked out of the movie and all agreed that the movie was gruesome.

Translation: The movie was scary.
Question #53: Henry has a lot of energy after he jogs and says that it gives him vigor for the rest of the day.

Translation: Henry has a lot of energy.
Question #54: Mr. Reed heard two students shouting at each other and he ran in to break up the dispute.

Translation: Mr. Reed is breaking up a fight.
Question #55: “Don’t touch anything in my office,” said Shawn. “I’m very finicky about where things are placed.

Translation: Shawn is particular.
Question #56: A sticky rubber keyboard cover prevented me from typing quickly.

Translation: The sticky cover slowed my typing.
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