Lesson 2A: Sentence Convergence

Lesson 2A: Sentence Convergence
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Lesson 2A: Sentence Convergence
Question #1: Robert took off his furry slippers and slipped under the heavy covers.

Translation: Robert is getting cozy.
Question #2: The pitcher threw the last ball and #19 had three strikes.

Translation: 19 has three strikes and the last ball was thrown.
Question #3: #19 could not hit the ball, even though he swung and missed 88 times.

Translation: #19 stinks.
Question #4: #19 tried with all his might, but could not hit the ball, even though he swung and missed 88 times.

Translation: #19 cannot hit.
Question #5: Stella’s desk is not put together.

Translation: Stella is messy.
Question #6: Stella read the directions five times, but still could not figure out how to put her desk together.

Translation: The desk is still not together.
Question #7: Jill completed the two-hour homework assignment in an hour and knew that she did well.

Translation: Jill felt accomplished.
Question #8: The four-hour homework assignment was completed in five minutes.

Translation: The homework was rushed.
Question #9: I walked into Macy’s house and there were so many beautiful decorations.

Translation: I liked Macy’s house.
Question #10: When I walked into Macy’s house, there were so many beautiful decorations; I did not know where to look first.

Translation: I was overwhelmed.
Question #11: The treetops blanketed the forest.

Translation: The treetops covered the forest.
Question #12: The forest was filled with trees.

Translation: The forest is full.
Question #13: The man raced down the street to catch the first cab to work.

Translation: The man was late to work.
Question #14: The sky-colored lake glistened and I could see the beautiful rocks on the bottom.

Translation: The lake was beautiful.
Question #15: The summer grass was the color of hay.

Translation: The grass is dry.
Question #16: Outdoors, I lie down face-up in the lush blanket of green softness, and the blades touched my face.

Translation: I lay in the soft grass.
Question #17: The dented and rusted car was moving ten miles per hour, smoking, tooting, and chugging down the street.

Translation: The car is old.
Question #18: Rover raced inside, after playing outside with his furry, white-striped, black friend, and his smell almost choked me.

Translation: Rover was skunked.
Question #19: The Chambers left for the party at 7 p.m. and they did not get home until midnight.

Translation: The Chambers had a great time.
Question #20: The Thompsons left for the party at 7 p.m. and got home an hour later.

Translation: We got home an hour later.
Question #21: The darkness lightened and the guests poked out from behind the furniture; they revealed themselves to me.

Translation: The guests surprised me.
Question #22: Susie wrote the 26 letters in kindergarten to complete the set.

Translation: Susie knows the alphabet.
Think of what kids do in kindergarten that has 26 letters.
Question #23: Fran’s face turned beet red, trying to pick up the suitcase to move it onto the luggage belt.

Translation: Moving the luggage turned Fran’s face beet red.
Question #24: The thick air prevented me from seeing far; I could cut it with a knife.

Translation: The air was thick.
Question #25: The shiny, fire-engine red cherries clung tightly to the tree branches and were ready.

Translation: The cherries were ripe.
Question #26: The grape-sized green apples were dangling on the tree.

Translation: The apples are not ready.
Question #27: The sunny day’s light shone brightly from outside.

Translation: The day was sunny.
Question #28: Gazing outside at the brilliant red leaves on my oak tree, I saw the small children with sweaters.

Translation: The fall air is chilly.
Question #29: Gazing outside at the brilliant red leaves on my oak tree, I saw the small children wearing sweaters, and I knew what I needed before heading outside.

Translation: I need outerwear.
Question #30: Brian stepped from the scorching-hot sand into the cool water.

Translation: The sand was hot.
Question #31: The racecar screeched down the street and the large crowd screamed with excitement.

Translation: The crowd cheered the racecar.
Question #32: After coming home from playing hockey, Brody took off his shoes and the crowded room quickly emptied.

Translation: Brody’s feet smell.
Question #33: During lunch today, all the tables outside were occupied, so I had to eat sitting in the grass.

Translation: The full picnic area caused me to eat alone.
Question #34: As I walked behind the tall bush to turn off the sprinkler, a mother bird zoomed in toward me screeching.

Translation: The bird tried to attack me.
Question #35: On our Aruba vacation, we had to go to the movies or do an indoor activity instead of being outside.

Translation: The weather was rainy.
Question #36: The police officer pulled the motorist over and wrote him a ticket.

Translation: The man broke the law.
Question #37: The frozen, crystal-light cotton came billowing down from the sky.

Translation: It was snowing.
Question #38: The man cautiously drove down the dark, lonely, icy, country road.

Translation: The weather was bad.
Question #39: Looking from outside in the darkness, the house had tall moving shadows inside.

Translation: People inside were moving about.
Question #40: The traffic on the next street was like the rough ocean pounding on the shoreline.

Translation: The traffic was busy.
Question #41: The ocean sounded like a mother lulling her child to sleep.

Translation: The ocean was soothing.
Question #42: Fran looked at Sally, gave her a broad smile, and opened her arms widely.

Translation: Fran hugged Sally.
Question #43: Fran looked at Sally, gave her a broad smile, opened her arms widely, and wrapped them around her.

Translation: Fran hugged Sally.
Question #44: The rattling gate was rusty.

Translation: The gate was deteriorating.
Question #45: The diamond ring cast a reflection on the ceiling.

Translation: The ring is shiny.
Question #46: We walked 10 miles on the forested gravel trail.

Translation: We walked 10 miles.
Question #47: The children cheered and clapped as the circus elephant stood up on two legs.

Translation: The children were entertained.
Question #48: As Sam was driving, he kept looking for the address but could not find it.

Translation: Sam is lost.
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