Lesson 1E: Simple Sentence Translations 5

Lesson 1E: Simple Sentence Translations 5
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Lesson 1E: Simple Sentence Translations 5 Quiz
Question #1: Abigail pulled up to her friend’s house at 10:00 p.m. and the shades were drawn.
Translation: Everyone was sleeping.
Question #2: Kristin opened her front door and the Oliver family jumped out to greet her.
Translation: The Oliver family surprised Kristin.
Question #3: Tim turned red and looked away when his mom asked if he had broken her favorite vase.
Translation: Tim is guilty
Question #4: “Quit following me around,” Samantha told her little brother, Jay.
Translation: Jay is a pest.
Question #5: Lamar told Megan, “It’s time to go.”
Translation: Lamar wants to leave.
Question #6: Franklin did not believe his friend’s story.
Translation: Franklin is skeptical.
Question #7: As Carlota left her aerobics class, she exclaimed, “I could move mountains!”
Translation: Carlota feels energetic.
Question #8: Ivan did not understand his teacher’s directions.
Translation: Ivan needs more help.
Question #9: Eric sat on the patio, closed his eyes, listened to the waves crashing on the shore, and did not have a care in the world.
Translation: Eric is on vacation.
Question #10: Stephen could not find his notebook, asked his class to help him find it, but later found the notebook in his desk.
Translation: Stephen asked his classmates for help.
Question #11: Mattie was on vacation for five weeks and desperately missed her friends.
Translation: Mattie misses her friends.
Question #12: Buster lifted his paw and rolled over on command.
Translation: Buster knows tricks.
Question #13: Ryan anticipated a winning season and could not wait to meet with his teammates.
Translation: Ryan is excited.
Question #14: “James gets everything he wants,” Sean said to his parents.
Translation: Sean is mad at his parents.
Question #15: The crowd groaned as the home team lost the championship.
Translation: The crowd is disappointed.
Question #16: “There’s nothing more to do,” Ling said.
Translation: Ling is bored.
Question #17: The girls walked out of the museum gift shop and could not see Claire’s mom.
Translation: The girls cannot find Claire’s mom.
Question #18: Alex swiped most of the frosting off the delicious cake with his hand.
Translation: Alex loved the cake.
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