Lesson 1D: Simple Sentence Translations 4

Lesson 1D: Simple Sentence Translations 4
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Lesson 1D: Simple Sentence Translations 4 Quiz
Question #1: The ocean waves crashed on the shore.
Translation: The ocean was loud.
Question #2: Fred had five minutes before he needed to return to the surface for air.
Translation: Fred is running out of air.
Question #3: Tammy spotted the new stroller that she wanted.
Translation: Tammy found a stroller.
Question #4: The monkeys, elephants, apes, zebras, and lions are fed at the same time.
Translation: The animals have a feeding time.
Question #5: Regina played a video game and Skee-Ball and won more tickets.
Translation: Regina won more tickets.
Question #6: The game began with the opening kickoff and Tony had been looking forward to seeing this game for years.
Translation: Tony was excited.
Question #7: Amy asked the teller to deposit the check into her savings account and the teller took the check and gave her a receipt.
Translation: Amy is giving money to the bank teller.
Question #8: Claire purchased milk, carrots, orange juice, and broccoli at the checkout.
Translation: Claire purchased healthy foods.
Question #9: Colleen and Connie smiled nonstop and sang along with the thousands of people as the band played at the concert.
Translation: Colleen and Connie enjoyed the music.
Question #10: Wanting to get up early and not wanting to see the campfire glowing, Martin zipped the tent closed.
Translation: Martin wants to avoid light.
Question #11: Lauren saw a line of people outside the music store, wondered what was going on, and decided to see for herself.
Translation: Lauren is curious.
Question #12: Gabe wanted to see his test score, but was also unsure; he studied for days, but did not fully understand all lesson information.
Translation: Gabe did not do well on his test.
Question #13: Danielle ran the entire 10-mile race, then went to a party and danced for the entire three hours.
Translation: Danielle has lots of energy.
Question #14: “I can’t believe I cheated on that test,” Bruce thought, sitting in the principal’s office and promising himself never to do it again.
Translation: Bruce is upset.
Question #15: Gary waited for the bus that was running behind schedule and hoped that he would not have to hail a cab.
Translation: Gary is hopeful.
Question #16: Pete’s mom asked him how his day went, but Pete just grumbled under his breath because he was not in the mood to talk.
Translation: Pete is in a bad mood.
Question #17: Gordon closed his eyes and covered his ears in the movie theater.
Translation: Part of the movie is gruesome.
Question #18: Roberto borrowed Tom’s new bike but wrecked it; Tom kept staring at his battered bike.
Translation: Tom is mad at Roberto.
Question #19: Emily expected that things would get better because it was not a good day.
Translation: Emily is hopeful.
Question #20: Chris didn’t like dancing because he said, “It always seemed like I had two left feet."
Translation: Chris is not going to dance.
Question #21: Kristin sat up straight, looked toward the speaker, and asked lots of questions.
Translation: Kristin was extremely interested.
Question #22: Annie did not want anyone to use her computer.
Translation: Annie is particular.
Question #23: Charlie laughed and clapped his hands after the show.
Translation: Charlie was entertained.
Question #24: A poisonous snake slithered close to Danny’s leg, but it changed its course and slithered away.
Translation: Danny is relieved.
Question #25: Peter was in a hurry to get to the bus, and looked all over his house, but could not find his wallet.
Translation: Peter could not get on the bus due to not having his wallet.
Question #26: Lisa was hesitant to talk with the other people.
Translation: Lisa is shy.
Question #27: Shannon could not take her eyes off the sparkling gem on Mary’s finger.
Translation: Shannon’s eyes were glued.
Question #28: For no reason at all, Jim bought lunch for his grandma and three of his friends.
Translation: Jim is a nice guy.
Question #29: When Henry asked Casey to give his opinion regarding his project, Casey chose his words carefully.
Translation: Casey was sensitive.
Question #30: Amy heard noises and chains rattling in the haunted house, but remained calm and laughed.
Translation: Amy was laughing
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