Lesson 1C: Simple Sentence Translations 3

Lesson 1C: Simple Sentence Translations 3
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Lesson 1C: Simple Sentence Translations 3 Quiz
Question #1: Luke slid down the slide and crashed into the monkey bars.
Translation: Luke crashed into the monkey bars.
Question #2: Joanna smelled the delicious aromas and bought more baked goods than anticipated.

Translation: Joanna loved the bakery smells.
Question #3: Kenny asked the guy where to find his group.
Translation: Kenny is lost.
Question #4: The server took Debbie and Lenny’s orders but ran out of the blueberry pancakes that Debbie could not wait to eat.
Translation: Debbie had to pick something else.
Question #5: Barbara spent all day walking through the different shops and her legs were hurting at the end of the day.

Translation: Barbara’s legs hurt from shopping.
Question #6: The Simpsons sat around the fire, roasting marshmallows, and told ghost stories.
Translation: The Simpsons are having fun.
Question #7: The Reed family ate sandwiches, played on the swings, and threw the Frisbee all day.
Translation: The Reeds were on an all-day picnic.
Question #8: Jerry bench-pressed 300 pounds, did 50 curls with 50-pound dumbbells, and then ran 15 miles.
Translation: Jerry is buff.
Question #9: Before walking across the street, Ramon looked both ways and waited for the light to turn.
Translation: Ramon got across the street.
Question #10: Sally told the sales person that she needed something to check her email and surf the internet.
Translation: Sally wants a smart phone.
Question #11: Tracy started with an hour on the bicycle and then lifted weights for an hour.
Translation: Tracy is energetic.
Question #12: Simon combined the chemicals, but they did not cause the reaction that he was expecting.
Translation: Simon’s experiment did not go well.
Question #13: Isaiah and his family attend services every Sunday and never miss a week.
Translation: Isiah’s family attends church regularly.
Question #14: The tourists visited the ancient building surrounded by a moat.
Translation: The tourists visited a castle.
Question #15: Nancy was driving high above the water and single file to get across.
Translation: Nancy drove a boat.
Question #16: The astronauts placed a flag in one of the craters and went back to the ship.
Translation: The astronauts landed on the moon,
Question #17: Wendy felt her stomach drop every time there was another steep dip, as others screamed.
Translation: The ride scared Wendy.
Question #18: The doctor listened to Fred's heart and said that everything was okay, but he needed to keep up with taking his medicine daily.
Translation:The doctor’s prescription is maintaining Fred’s good health.
Question #19: Aiden asked the sales person to show him something with great gas mileage.
Translation: Aiden is at a car dealership.
Question #20: One officer questioned the suspect while the other officer fingerprinted him.
Translation: The man is guilty.
Question #21: Vanessa walked through the parking lot, looking row by row.
Translation: Vanessa lost her car.
Question #22: The crowd cheered the two players as they hit the ball back and forth over the net.
Translation: The crowd watched the tennis event.
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