Lesson 1B: Simple Sentence Translations 2

Lesson 1B: Simple Sentence Translations 2
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Lesson 1B: Simple Sentence Translations 2 Quiz
Question #1: Sarah climbed the ladder, got to the diving platform, but felt shaky because she was so high above the water.
Translation: Sarah was scared.
Question #2: The crowd watched and listened to the fantastic music, as the beautiful floats passed in the street.
Translation: The crowd enjoyed the parade.
Question #3: Quinn watched the small sparkling lights shine over the sea.
Translation: Quin saw lights in the sky.
Question #4: After Hassan set up his tent, he got the food out and then went to look for firewood.
Translation: Hassan was preparing a campfire.
Question #5: Van set his alarm and turned off his lamp.
Translation: Van is going to sleep.
Question #6: Bethany picked out a pair of earrings and a matching necklace, but found that she was ten dollars short.
Translation: Bethany cannot buy both jewelry items.
Question #7: Jenna had to turn on her headlights as she drove through the mountain.
Translation: Jenna could not see.
Question #8: The Hudson family checked their baggage, walked to the gate, and found that they would be waiting four more hours.
Translation: The Hudson family has a plane delay.
Question #9: Rudy read the menu and could not decide between the tacos, hamburgers, or salad.
Translation: Rudy is indecisive.
Question #10: Car 16 took the lead and headed for the checkered flag at the finish line.
Translation: 16 is going to win.
Question #11: The hikers looked down 2,000 feet from the top of the mountain and everything looked like miniature monopoly pieces.
Translation: The hikers are looking down 2,000 feet.
Question #12: The astronauts floated throughout the cabin.
Translation: The astronauts are in space.
Question #13: Reynolds hit a home run and the crowd went wild.
Translation: The crowd cheered Reynolds’ run.
Question #14: The submarine traveled to great depths.
Translation: The submarine is extremely deep.
Question #15: Gill bought a power saw, nails, wood, and a tape measure for his building project.
Translation: Gill is planning for his project.
Question #16: Olivia looked in every cage to see which animal she wanted.
Translation: Olivia cannot decide on a pet.
Question #17: The bear went into his den for the winter.
Translation: The bear is hibernating.
Question #18: Milton bought five pairs of jeans, six pants, four long-sleeved shirts and ten short-sleeved shirts.
Translation: Milton is buying a wardrobe.
Question #19: The dry heat was blowing sand into Henry’s eyes.
Translation: Henry’s eyes were burning.
Question #20: The jury listened to the trial and then went into a room to discuss the case.
Translation: The jury is deliberating.
Question #21: Francine could not wait to see the elephants, tigers, and trapeze artists.
Translation: Francine cannot wait.
Question #22: It was safe for the passengers to move around the airplane cabin.
Translation: The plane has no turbulence.
Question #23: The Taylors walked to the block party barbecue.
Translation: The Taylors live close to the party.
Question #24: Kyle and Tara were on land that was surrounded by ten feet of water.
Translation: Kyle and Tara are trapped.
Question #25: The rides’ ticket collector measured James before he could get on the ride.
Translation: The ticket collector was verifying James’ height.
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