10: RTS Success Sentence Translation

10: RTS Success Sentence Translation
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Sentence Translation Quiz
Question #1: We translate when we can’t see and when we want to condense information.
Question #2: We translate to retain information for long-term memory and to link upcoming sentences and paragraphs.
Question #3: We always translate, even when we see the exact pictures.
Question #4: Reading means always creating pictures. If we cannot see the picture, we cannot fully comprehend.
Question #5: When reading, all readers need to have sentence pattern rhythm, which is, “what does what?”
Question #6: Parsing is not always necessary to read. We parse when we cannot understand.
Question #7: Parsing is slashing between every word because every word is important.
Question #8: When seeing images to translate, you need to look away when grocery listing.
Question #9: Sentence translations are using our own language to see.
Question #10: Adding images is called grocery listing. Adding images can also be the coin purse.
Question #11: Verifying is a series of steps, and to translate sentences for excellent comprehension, you must verify, regardless if you think that you understand what you are reading.
Question #12: When translating, the first word always needs to be a noun or a gerund. Pronouns are not allowed.
Question #13: When verifying, the second word must always be a verb.
Question #14: The lemonade theory is part of the verification process.
Question #15: Translations need to be the identical image and the result.
Question #16: Translations always need to be, “what does what” or “what is what?”
Question #17: Translations must be six words or less and that includes the first word if it is “the.”
Question #18: When readers parse, they can choose the amount of words in each section, but do not go over 4 words.
Question #19: Sally/ was/ washing the dishes and accidentally/ broke/ her favorite/ dish. This sentence was parsed correctly.
Question #20: Sally/ was washing/the dishes/ and accidentally/ broke/ her favorite/ dish.
Sally broke her favorite dish.