5: RTS Success Lemonade Theory

5: RTS Success Lemonade Theory
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The Lemonade Theory
Question #1: Part of the “Lemonade Theory” is separating words to see.
Question #2: The “lemonade theory” means that you do not have to see everything if you know the result.
Question #3: The lemonade theory is picking out certain words in a sentence or paragraph.
Question #4: Tamika is extremely funny and smart in school.

Translation: Tamika is popular.
Question #5: You do not have to add all words up in the “lemonade theory.” Not all words are important.
Question #6: Candidate Nelson promised to cure all cancer if he is elected president.

Translation: Candidate Nelson makes false promises.
Question #7: The author uses words so that we can guess pictures.
Question #8: When we translate sentences, we can use as many words as we want.
Question #9: We use society’s norms for the “lemonade theory.”
Question #10: We can add our individual prior knowledge (what we have learned by an experience that we had) to figure out what we read.
Question #11: We limit our translations to 10 words.
Question #12: When we come across a new word, we can figure it out in context.
Question #13: The lemonade theory helps us get to the result.
Question #14: Self-monitoring means that we are verifying that we are seeing the words correctly.
Question #15: Verification is the only way to check if we are comprehending.
Question #16: When we read slowly, we need another strategy to read faster.