6: RTS Success Grocery Listing

6: RTS Success Grocery Listing
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Grocery Listing
Question #1: Grocery listing is looking back on the page to review your words.
Question #2: Grocery listing is adding images for a translation.
Question #3: Grocery listing means that we add the words together.
Question #4: Every time that we parse, we are grocery listing.
Question #5: Every word needs to be translated for grocery listing.
Question #6: Mindy needed to go upstairs, make her bed, get the clothes off the floor, dust the dresser, put her dirty clothes in the hamper, and clean under the bed.
What is the correct translation?
Choose the correct translation
Question #7: Grocery listing is used only when you do not understand a sentence.
Question #8: When you can see all the words in the sentence, you do not need to translate; you only need to grocery list.
Question #9: Margo does not eat any sweets or unhealthy trans fats; she only eats lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
Translation: Margo is a healthy eater.
Question #10: You can shovel it, roll it into a ball, throw it, snowboard, walk or ski on it.
What are the two correct translations?
Question #11: Grocery listing combines with the Lemonade Theory for translating.