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Our Online Course Curriculum

RTS Success® Lessons Basics

  • Your coach will provide an ongoing assessment of your needs and prescribe an individualized lesson plan. 
  • The Training courses are broken down into  lessons that consist of: videos, worksheets, supplements, and quiz practices.
  • After using your worksheet to complete each quiz practice, review all quiz practice explanations, including the ones that you got correct.
  • Copy and paste all correct answers onto your Google Drive worksheet. Next, boldface any worksheet  answers that are the exact image of the quiz practice answer(s). Do not erase any previous answers. 

Our Online Lessons

Module 4

Pulling Lessons Into Action: Summarizing Paragraphs

  1. Lesson 7A: Introduction to Paragraphs
  2. Lesson 7B: Finding the Noun and End Result
  3. Lesson 7C: Converging Longer Paragraphs
  4. Lesson 7D: Linking Fiction and Non-Fiction Paragraphs 1
  5. Lesson 7E: Linking Fiction and Non-Fiction Paragraphs 2
  6. Lesson 8A: Linking Paragraphs Non-Fiction 1
  7. Lesson 8B: Linking Paragraphs Non-Fiction 2
  8. Lesson 8C: Translating Abstract Phrases
  9. Lesson 9A: Gerunds for Convergence 1
  10. Lesson 9B: Gerunds for Convergence 2
  11. Lesson 10A: Multiple Paragraphs and Connecting 1
  12. Lesson 10B: Multiple Paragraphs and Connecting 2
  13. Lesson 10C1: 1-2-3 Combine
  14. Lesson 10C2: Multiple Paragraphs and Connecting 3
  15. Lesson 10D: Multiple Paragraphs and Connecting 4
  16. Lesson 10E1: Paragraph Following 1
  17. Lesson 10E2: Paragraph Following 2
  18. Lesson 10E3: Paragraph Following 3
  19. Lesson 10E4: Multiple Paragraphs and Connecting 5
  20. Lesson 11A: Advanced Multiple Paragraphs 1
  21. Lesson 11B: Advanced Multiple Paragraphs 2
  22. Lesson 11C: Advanced Multiple Paragraphs 3
  23. Lesson 11D: Advanced Multiple Paragraphs 4
  24. Lesson 11E: Advanced Multiple Paragraphs 5
  25. Lesson 12A: Advanced Paragraphs RLA1
  26. Lesson 12B: Advanced Paragraphs RLA2
  27. Lesson 12C: Advanced Paragraphs RLA3
  28. Lesson 12D: Advanced Paragraphs RLA4
  29. Lesson 12E: Advanced Paragraphs RLA5
  30. Lesson 13A: Advanced Paragraphs Content 1
  31. Lesson 13B: Advanced Paragraphs Content 2
  32. Lesson 13C: Advanced Paragraphs Content 3
  33. Lesson 13D: Advanced Paragraphs Content 4
  34. Lesson 13E: Advanced Paragraphs Content 5
  35. Lesson 14A: Putting It All Together 1
  36. Lesson 14B: Putting It All Together 2
  37. Lesson 14C: Putting It All Together 3
  38. Lesson 14D: Putting It All Together 4
  39. Lesson 14E: Putting It All Together 5