I’ve seen my children thrive with teachers they loved — the science teacher who encouraged my daughter’s love of animals and nature; the humanities teacher who helped my son through an awkward middle school phase by fueling his fascination with history; the physics teacher who held my older son’s ninth grade class in thrall with weekly, hands-on physics experiments. Teachers like these inspire and encourage students, creating a chemistry of curiosity, excitement, and learning that makes their lessons come alive.When my kids have had great teachers, they talked excitedly about what they were learning, and needed no encouragement to study for tests and get their homework done. In contrast, when they’ve had teachers who were burnt out, incompetent, or just phoning it in, they’ve slogged apathetically through the school year. Even the most compelling and inspiring information turns to ashes in the hands of an indifferent teacher.The latest research confirms the essential role that teachers play. An analysis of the world’s top education systems by McKinsey & Company concluded, “Research has shown that of all the controllable factors influencing student achievement, the most important by far is the influence of the classroom teacher.”

Source: It’s all about the teacher | Parenting