Advocating for their child, some parents lobby the teacher for good grades. Could your hard-working student’s grades be nullified by her peers’ grade inflation?by: Carol Lloyd | April 27, 2016 Print article. A friend who teaches English at a high performing high school in Silicon Valley recently took me out for a glass of wine to help her brainstorm a new career. This didn’t make sense. After all, she adores kids and literature and seems to spend every waking moment devising new lesson plans to extract teen-friendly meaning from Robert Frost or Jane Austen. But long hours, she told me, were not why she’d begun eyeing the exit sign.I probed for the root causes: rude kids, pushy principals, paltry pay checks?“Actually, it’s the parents,” she confessed with a wince. Then she launched into a story about one father who recently planted himself in her classroom during one of her lesson planning periods to complain about his son’s mediocre grades.

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